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Avalanche survival equipment, designed to delay suffocation during burial in an avalanche or tree well, without requiring a mouthpiece.

Safeback SBX

is the world’s first active air supply for snow burial, designed to keep avalanche and tree well victims breathing under the snow without a mouthpiece. This extends the potential survival window to over 90 minutes.

Backpacks with Safeback SBX

How SBX Works

Active Air Supply for Snow Burial
SBX creates an airflow through the snow, supplying the breathing area with fresh air. This secures access to oxygen and pushes away excess CO2. Avalanche snow contains a high volume of air, which SBX uses to supply oxygen to the victim. Air is pumped into the backpack, and through hoses on the shoulder straps, to postpone aspyxia.

We've put SBX to the test.

Independent Medical Trial: Full Burial Testing

Eurac Research has conducted an independent medical trial of Safeback SBX to explore the extent to which the system can extend delay suffocation during burial.

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Medical Needs of Snow Burial Victims

Based on the problem set of oxygen deprivation during avalanche burial, independent medical trials were conducted by the Mountain Medical Research Group at the University of Bergen.

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Snow Burial Simulations

To confirm the findings of our modeled research, we created burial simulations to test iterations of our system and measure the actual airflow it generated in the snow.

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5 years of advanced research and development have led to a simple and elegant system for the user.

Our Mission is to Save Lives.

Innovation in avalanche safety has been greatly focused on the users above the snow, either to reduce the likelihood of burial or speed up rescue. Safeback has spent 5 years focusing on the victim under the snow to bring SBX to the market - designed to keep victims breathing until they can be rescued.