Independent Research Institutes

We've been fortunate to follow and participate in research with knowledgeable mountain medicine experts throughout the development of SBX.

Eurac Research

Independent medical research group

Eurac Research is a private research center based in Bolzano (South Tyrol) with researchers from a wide variety of scientific fields who come from all over the globe. Together, through scientific knowledge and research, they share the goal of shaping the future. In the Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine, research is dedicated to emergency medicine in alpine environments as well as high-altitude medicine and physiology. Whether hiking or ski touring, climbing or paragliding, the cause and course of an accident require different patterns of care whether in the field or hospital. Casualties or acutely ill people are often exposed to extreme weather conditions in the mountains for long periods of time and recovery and transport over rough terrain carry additional risks for rescuers and rescued persons. Our research aims to improve diagnosis and treatment in the mountains by providing evidence-based scientific data and recommendations. They focus on cold trauma, analysis, and epidemiological recording of injuries and treatments of acute illnesses in the mountains.

Mountain Medical Research Group at UiB

Independent medical research group

The Mountain Medicine Research Group at the University of Bergen is a research group specializing in mountain medicine. The group is initiated and run by doctors, nurses, paramedics, and a statistician from Haukeland University Hospital. Mountain medicine is defined as the prevention and treatment of medical conditions occurring in mountains and rural surroundings. Mountain medicine is characterized by external factors such as cold, rain, wind, and darkness, complicating medical procedures and conditions. The Mountain Medicine Research Group aims to conduct research of high quality, be an interdisciplinary national arena for networking and exchange of ideas and experiences within mountain medicine, and establish collaborations with similar international research groups.

Research conducted by these organizations

Independent Medical Trial: Full Burial Testing

Eurac Research has conducted an independent medical trial of Safeback SBX to explore the extent to which the system can extend delay suffocation during burial.

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Medical Needs of Snow Burial Victims

Based on the problem set of oxygen deprivation during avalanche burial, independent medical trials were conducted by the Mountain Medical Research Group at the University of Bergen.

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Backpacks with Safeback SBX

Safeback SBX

Designed to provide breathable air to an avalanche victim under the snow, extending their potential survival window.