Our Story

A team of engineers and backcountry lovers, set on creating user-friendly products to reliably get you back home safe.

"I felt something was missing for backcountry travelers." - Tor Berge, CEO

Where it all began...

In 2016 Tor Berge founded the company Safeback together with André Mjølhus and Sigmund Andreassen.

We met at Bergen University College studying Industrial Engineering together and became good friends. Based on Tor´s desire for a better avalanche safety system we started a company to solve this problem. Safeback was founded as a company that would specialize in the development of new and better avalanche safety systems.

Safeback received funding from Innovation Norway to start the development process for our first avalanche safety product, which has since received a patent in Norway. This process has led to partnerships with the Norwegian Department of Defence, the Norwegian Military Research Institute, the Mountain Medicine Research Group at the University of Bergen, and the IFMGA-certified mountain guides to assist the company on the way.

Our Values

Safeback has one main goal: To save lives.

We want to reduce the numbers of lives that are lost in avalanches and broaden avalanche safety knowledge. The company will deliver solutions that focus on practical use and reliability. To achieve this, Safeback's products are being developed in close collaboration with user groups and specialists. End products will come on the market at an affordable price, easy to use and high quality.

Our Mission

Eliminate Avalanche Fatalities.

Yes, it sounds big - and not something we will ever solve alone. But we have looked at other life saving organizations, where "Goal Zero" missions have been placed for traffic fatalities, or coast guards. This mission is meant to be a leading point of reference for how we run our company and develop products.