R&D Partners

We've been fortunate to work with incredibly knowledgeable experts and engaged partners throughout the development of SBX.

Norwegian Armed Forces

Research grant, Independent research supervision, field testers

Safeback has a research and development collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces. The collaboration aims to ensure safety of the Norwegian soldiers when operating in areas where snow avalanches constitutes a risk. The following departments of the Armed Forces is contributing to the collaboration: The Ministry of Defence is a Government Office with responsibility for the formation and implementation of Norwegian security and defence policy. The Norwegian School of Winter Warfare (NSWW) is an international competence center specializing in cold weather operations. NSWW is the coordinating element of the NATO Center of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations (COE-CWO). Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is the prime institution responsible for defence-related research in Norway. The Establishment is the chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the Ministry of Defence and the Norwegian Armed Forces' military organization.

Eker Design

Engineering and Industrial Design Partner

Innovation Norway

Research grants and seed funding

Innovation Norway is a state-owned company created to strengthen innovation and development nationwide. Supporting companies in developing their competitive advantage and enhancing innovation. Innovation Norway creates the foundation for new successful businesses by combining local industry knowledge and international networks with business ideas and the motivation of entrepreneurs. Represented in all Norwegian counties and 30 countries worldwide, Innovation Norway has the goal to assist Norwegian businesses to grow and find new markets.

Research and Testing Supported by Partners

Snow Burial Simulations

To confirm the findings of our modeled research, we created burial simulations to test iterations of our system and measure the actual airflow it generated in the snow.

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Technical Solutions for Supplying Air Through Snow

Developing the Safeback SBX system has required significant testing of all components, both individually and as an integrated system.

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Backpacks with Safeback SBX

Safeback SBX

Designed to provide breathable air to an avalanche victim under the snow, extending their potential survival window.