Our Partners

SBX technology cannot be used without thoughtful integration into backpack products. We are fortunate to work with these forward-thinking partners, making SBX a seamless part of backcountry equipment.

Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. Founded in 1908, Bergans has played a major role in Norwegian outdoor life for more than a century. An inseparable part of that Norwegian outdoor life is snow and skis, and with that comes inevitable exposure to avalanches.


Now one of the world's most respected travel bag and luggage company, Db’s roots have always firmly been planted in snow sports - especially focused on seamlessly getting you and your gear to and from the mountain. By introducing their Snow Pro Vest, Db’s acclaimed design approach will also be there for you on the mountain, through day trips and sidecountry missions alike.

Backpacks produced by our partners

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